Blog of the Month (August): Our First Horse

The blog Our First Horse chronicles one family’s venture into horse ownership and barn life, as the family members take turns writing about their experiences with more than a touch of humor. They recount their equine exploits, from bedroom snake encounters and horse myths to those frozen horse nuggets we fondly know as poop. Take a few minutes to read about this  family ‘s all-too-relatable…

Trash to Treasures!

A horse’s trash is an owner’s 
treasure! Whoever said that
 you can’t smell like a barn AND be chic? Check out these creative ways to recycle your barn items into enviable home statement pieces. The next time that lady next to your barn’s lunch table 
gives you a dirty look, just 
smile – she might smell better,
 but your house is way more


The Spooky Horse

Here you are on a bright, sunny, sparkly day: the breeze strokes your face and ripples your horse’s mane as you enjoy your perfect ride – and then IT happens. The equine boogieman strikes (again), and suddenly your proud, noble, dedicated steed is a flaming column of irrepressible CRAZY. Hold on for dear life, take a deep breath and count to ten – and…

Barn Business

Owning and managing a barn is a passion – it’s a matter of the heart, and you would never dream of giving it up! But your horses still have to eat, and so do you! A barn is still a business, whether we admit or not, and all businesses benefit from the same thing – quality advertising. Word of mouth goes a long way, but what about… – A Marketplace to Buy & Sell Equestrian Tack & Goods!

Peer-to-Peer Horse Gear and Supplies Sale Platform Tackpal Announces Launch to an Early Enthusiastic Response Horse owners who would like to buy used gear and supplies have often faced some difficulties in finding what they need all in one place. Tackpal is a recently launched peer-to-peer sales platform for horse enthusiasts, offering nearly everything of interest to the horse world…

Welcome to Everything Equine

You can lead your horse to water, BUT finding the perfect barn, feed, vet, and supplies can be daunting… INTRODUCING, a web-based resource that helps horse-owners and enthusiasts quickly locate nearby equine services, including boarding and lesson facilities, tack, feed, and supply stores, veterinary services and much more. also acts as a marketing medium for equine service providers to…

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