Q: I just purchased a subscription, why am I not seeing it on the ‘My Account’ page?

A: When you purchase a subscription from EverythingEquine.com, your payment goes through PayPal. This process of communicating these actions between the two sites might take a few minutes. Your “My Account” page should prompt you with “Click Here” to refresh the page. The form should show up to personalize your listing. If you continue to have an issue with this, please email info@everythingequine.com

Q: How do I edit my listing?

A: To edit your listing, navigate to the very top of any page you are currently on and click “Login”. Once you have entered your Username and Password into the Login Form space, the site will bring you to your personal account. From there you will see your listing form on the right. Once you edit and adjust your information you will click “Edit Listing” on the bottom of the page to secure your edits. Your edits will then be reviewed by management and posted once approved. *Note: your listing will be taken down briefly so management can review and update accordingly. You will be notified once your edits have been approved.

Q: How do I remove a picture from my listing?

A: To remove a picture from your listing, you must be logged into “My Account”. Once you are logged in, you will scroll to “Your Listing Images” and select the trashcan icon on the bottom right corner of the picture.

Q: How do I change my cover photo on my listing?

A: To change your cover photo on your listing, you must be logged into “My Account”. Once you are logged in, you will scroll to “Your Listing Images” and locate the star icon on one of your uploaded photos. By simply clicking on any photo, the star will move to that photo and it will become the cover photo for your listing.

Q: Why do my images get cut off or look stretched?

A: In order to maintain a proper page format, our site displays images in a landscape orientation. When uploading images, please ensure they are at least 1150 pixels wide by 650 pixels tall or larger. This will ensure that your image doesn’t get stretched to fit the area in which they will be displayed on the site. When uploading larger images, please ensure that you maintain that same aspect ratio to avoid your image being cropped.

Q: How do I upgrade or downgrade my current subscription for my listing?

A: In order to upgrade or downgrade to a different type of subscription for your listing, you would need to “Login” to your account. Once in “My Account” you will be able to select a different type of subscription from the left-hand sidebar. (Options: Standard/monthly, Premium/monthly, Standard/yearly, Premium/yearly). Once you have selected your new type of subscription, you will be directed to the PayPal site and will be asked to enter your information to pay for the subscription. *Note: Be sure to login to PayPal’s website using your PayPal username and password to cancel your previous type of subscription. If you need assistance in this process please contact us. Please contact PayPal with any questions about your login information for your payments, as we will not be able to provide you with your PayPal login information.

Q: Whom can I contact for additional information?

A: Please contact us at info@everythingequine.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.